What is Chiropractic ?

Although chiropractic is likely an old practice, it resurfaced in the late 1800's and has been gaining support ever since.  Chiropractic is used to realign subluxations, or bones that are slightly out of place.  Very tiny movements of bones affect the alignment of joints, preventing the clean flow of signals through the joint as well as preventing the movement of nutrition and waste products in and out of the joint.  The affect is similar to a slow running sink.  Chiropractic uses the knowledge of anatomy and motion to realign bones to restore the proper movement as well as the general health of the tissue in the area.  


Subluxations can be caused my major traumatic events, such as car accidents, falls, and dog fights; by repetitive events such as jumping, herding sheep, or running; and by stress (remember how stiff and sore your neck feels when you are stressed out!) Untreated subluxations can cause pain and disease, and can lead to even more injury.  


A chiropractic adjustment seeks to correct subluxations.  Some subluxations, particularly long standing ones or ones due to continued use, will recur and need continued treatment.  Recurring treatment will allow the subluxation to correct easier, and stay corrected longer.  


Not every condition should be treated by, or will respond to an adjustment.