What to Expect

The initial appointment will last between 45-75 minutes.  Each case is different, and may involve dry needling, electroacupuncture, moxibustion, or aquapuncture.  Recommendations for herbal supplements or other changes may be made at that time.  Follow up appointments are generally shorter.  We are available for follow up email and phone consultations in between appointments to adjust treatments after the initial consult.


The cost of the initial consult and acupuncture for small animals is $65.  Follow up appointments are $50.  Equine appointments are $80 for the initial consult and $65 for follow up appointments.  If electroacupuncture is used there will be an additional $15.  In addition there is a fee for travel to the house or farm.  Calls within a 10 mile radius of the center of Boonsboro are free of charge, 10-20 mile radius is $15, 20-30 miles is $25.  Calls farther than 30 miles are possible, contact us for availability and price.  If 3 or more animals receive acupuncture at the same location (even if owned by different people) the visit fee is discounted 50%.  The fee is per visit (not per animal), is in addition to the cost of the treatment, and can be split among any number of people at the same location. 


We accept cash, checks, and all major credit/debit cards.  Payment is due at time of service.